Hydrogeothermal system of Rajčinovića spa is part of hydrothermal system of Novi Pazar spa. The results of testing the quality of geothermal and mineral water are assessed as successful because in one year there were no significant changes in water quality, as well as in the period before that.

Rajčinovića spa differs in all three hot springs. Temperature of water from the wells is 30 °C. At the first borehole the temperature of water is 42 °C and in the second at a depth of 40 m the temperature is 38 °C. The combined use of these natural water and natural cooling can reach a perfect thermal state without artificial cooling which increases the therapeutic value of this water.

During winter season and intensive penetration of atmospheric precipitation, the flow of water increases. But still, the atmosphere that infiltrate affects the mineralization of water which dicreases with increased capacity. During the summer season the flow diceases. The capacity of cold mineral water is estimated about 3500 liters in 24 hours.

rajRajčinovića spa is characterized as spa for the treatment of digestive tract diseases, liver and biliary passages, kidney and urinary tract diseases. As a further indication bowel disorders are listed if they are secondary to certain disorders of liver and intestine, as well as metabolic disorders and diabetes diathesis. In accordance with the given chemical analysis in the treatment of these diseases, the main medical preparation is drinking mineral water.

According to the experiences Rajčinovića spa has more pleasant microclimate than Novi Pazar spa. Vegetation has greater climate impact in Novi Pazar spa than in Rajčinovića spa. Rajčinovića spa is surrounded by small park and small areas under vegetation.


Novi Pazar spa was famous for Romans and in the Middle Ages it was mentioned in balneological literature for ruins of Roman thermal bath. It is located at an altitude of 504 meters. It belongs to spas with higher altitude. It has got a favourable geographic position. Spa is across Novi Pazar connected with Raška, Kosovska Mitrovica and Kraljevo.

The climate is pleasant so it is a health resort, too. Microclimate in the spa (560 mm) indicates that Novi Pazar valley is one of the drier parts of Serbia. Climate of spa is more pleasant than the climate of the city, as well as valley is sheltered from winds and sun. Spa valley has certain qualities and sub-alpine climate beacuse it is near Rogozna. In 1969 spa park was arranged on area of 3800 acres.

It was stated that Novi Pazar spa had seven wells where only one was used with capacity of 18 l/ min. Actually there are more wellsprings which come from unique thermal spring. At a depth of half a meter there is a hot mineral water. It is in the mineralized igneous rocks in depth and water flows along the fault is due in cretaceous sediments where water aquifer is made. In the surface it is mixed with groundwater with cold water which blasts from the sediment in fourteen springs forming another wellspring (as opposed to a single thermal aquifer in depth). The main wellspring with the gas emanation gives 1.1 l/s and potential of all wellsprings reaches 5 l/s which allow the use of mineral water in the health reasort, sports and commercial purposes.

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Spa water is classified as sulphurous acid hypo-thermal water whose temperature reaches 52 °C degrees.  This water is very good at the neuromuscular diseases, rheumatic diseases, sciatica, sporsts and other injuries, post – stroke conditions and gynecological diseases. Furthermore, the water contains significant quantities of hydrogen sulfide and scent of manganese and ammonia.

Mineral water is used for treatment of bathing and drinking. Mainly cardiac patients are treated in the small bathroom. Those patients do not bear the temperature of the thermal water in the main bathroom.