The Raška River –Reka Raška

The Raška River flows out of the cave under limestone on the hill Golač 15 kilometres west of Novi Pazar and it is near Sopoćani Monastery. An entrance to a cave is at an altitude at 726 meters and it is 10 meters high (Gavrilović i Dukić, 2002). Mountains Rogozna (1479 m)  and Golija (1833m) are covered with snow until April so it affects waterway of river Raška.

Raška is left tributary to the Ibar River in Raška valley. It is 60 kilometers long. It flows out of a small cave near Sopoćani Monastery. River Raška is the most important of all rivers with drainage area of 1193 km2. The total length of water flow is 879,500km. There are 737m basins of water on each square kilometer.  The rivers Jošanica, Ljudska, Deževska, Trnavica, Slatinska, Izbička and Kukavička flow into Raška River. The lowest water level is in July and September and the highest water level is in November and March. The maximum width of the river in the lower course is 10 meters and the depth of the river is 1.50 m.  The total length of the river is 36 km. Its profusion is 23/sec.

Izvor-raske2The River Raška springs up on the slopes of Pešter Plateau, near the Sopoćani Monastery, 17 km west of Novi Pazar. At the very spring, the water is ice cold with temperature less than 8 C. In the first few kilometers of its course it is rich with trout. From spring to flow into the Ibar River is 42 kilometers long. Waters of the well and the sinking streams are gathered into the catchment which enabled construction of the small subterranean hydro electrical power plant Ras (6 MW) which started to work in 1953.

Novi Pazar is situated on the banks of the Raška River and Jošanica. The Raška River is suitable for sporting purposes and fishery except in the first few kilometers of its course (from spring to the Pazarište Resort) where lush vegetation prevents access to the river. Downstream from Pazarište there is once one of the largest European fishponds for rainbow trout (lat. Oncorhynchus mykiss), a company ’’ Vojin Popović’’ property.