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Surrounded by the hills of Golija, Rogozna and Pester Plateau, Novi Pazar is located in the basin of the same name, whose physiogeographic structure of river valleys and gorges has natural predispositions for connections with the immediate and wider environment. The exceptional geographical position has predestined the population to engage in trade since ancient times, as well as great potential in tourism.

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Production: “RM Production” “Golija Nature Park” Filming and editing: Raško Matović, Zoran Sarić Text: Radmila Vesković

A mountain giant for whom the proverb applies


A vast mountain beauty in south-western Serbia that extends over as many as five municipalities. The closest ones are Novi Pazar at 32 km, Raska at 35 km and Ivanjica at 30 km. Golija is characterized by harsh winters and pleasant summers, but also clean air and abundant mountain water.

Oaks, beeches, spruces and spruce forests prevail there, and they are located at different heights. It is believed that it got its name from the fact that it is huge, but also from its bare peaks( Go means ‘bare, naked’, among which the highest is Jankov kamen with the elevation of 1833m above sea level. Golija is a paradise for mountaineers, campers, excursionists, families, and in winter for skiers and boarders.


is classified in the first category of protection as a natural asset of exceptional importance.

Golija Mountain has a number of hiking trails, and we organize guided hiking tours accompanied by licensed guides for you. On the said tours, you can reach extraordinary viewpoints, and see special plant and animal species of Golija, as well as beautiful nature.

You will be able to visit unique mountain springs and localities that are hidden from the public eye.

We will take you to the beautiful mountain tops and show you the wide views that stretch out from there.

The distance from Novi Pazar to the mountain lodge located in the place of Odvracenica is 32 km of paved road. Ski resorts on Golija are located at an altitude of 1,744 m above sea level in an extremely beautiful location where, in the future, tracks for Nordic disciplines could be constructed.


There used to be a mountain lodge on Golija at the place of Odvracenica, which was first owned by the mountain ski association, and then it became the property of TF “RASKA” Novi Pazar, and it is currently in private ownership and operates under the name Hotel “Golija”. We offer comfortable accommodation in 1/2, 1/3 and 1/4 rooms and apartments. All rooms and apartments have TV and bathroom. The “health” track has also been arranged, as well as fields for mini football and small sports.

How to get to the top?

From Novi Pazar in the direction of Odvracenica na Golija, follow the old road Novi Pazar – Raska to the village of Postenje, which is now a suburban settlement near Peter’s church, from where you turn towards the village of Dezeva, then Saronje and Tenkovo, and further in the direction of Odvracenica.

The tourist center “Odvracenica” is located at the very sources of the river Studenica, not far from the top of Golija, Jankov kamen (1833 m/alt).

For those who love hunting, the commercial hunting terrains, the fallow deer breeding farm offers the possibility of special relaxation and enjoyment.


The tourist ski center “Odvracenica” in Golija can be proud of five cable cars and seven trails, ranging in length from 450m to 1100m. The tracks “Kula 1″, Kula 2″, Kula 3”, “Kula 4”, “Govedji do” and “Sovicke kolibe” are of recreational type, while “Kula 5” is intended for training of skiers.


For students, for schools under the open air, the “Amphitheater in Smrcevak” is a special attraction. Walking along the green mountain carpet and picking mountain herbs and fruits (St. John’s wort, thyme, blueberry, raspberry, blackberry…) in the warmer months of the year will help even the most tired guest to get a rest.

TRACE - Golija

We take you on a trail of adventure, nature, culture, customs and unusual landscapes. Take a look at the beauty of our region, we bring you our experiences from Golia. Enjoy the charms and landscapes of this mountain beauty.

Author and presenter: Boško Mihailović Music: Haris Šećerović Editing: Amel Smajović Camera: Imer Ziljkić, Tarik Graca

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Rogozna mountain 

Rogozna is a mountain 12 km southeast of Novi Pazar. It stretches in a southwest-northeast direction for about 20 km. It is located in the triangle formed by the Raska river, the upper and middle river flows of the Ibar. The highest elevation is Crni vrh 1,504 m.

Rogozna consists mostly of volcanic rocks of indesite, rhyolite and their tuffs, and it is believed that the mountain itself is part of a volcanic massif that was extinct 5,000 years ago, and it is thought that Rogozna is the youngest extinct volcano in Europe.

The mountain is overgrown with dense coniferous forests. A caravan route connecting Bosnia with Skopje and Thessaloniki used to pass through Rogozna. Most of the trade was passing through them until the construction of the Ibar railway.

On the aforementioned caravan route, there was a mining town of Rogozno in the Middle Ages with Saxon miners and Dalmatian merchants. There are the remains of the medieval town of Jelec, around which there was a parish of the same name in the 10th century.

A special nature reservation

Pester Plateau

The Pester Plateau, or Pester, is located in southwestern Serbia. The undulating, karst relief extends at an altitude between 1100-1250m. The geographical position has determined that the Pester Plateau, based on its natural characteristics, climatic conditions and the way of life of the inhabitants, is stands out as a separate and recognizable entity. Pester, among other things, is characterized by extreme climatic conditions – high summer and low winter temperatures. Pester field was declared a special nature reservation in 2015.

The Pester Plateau stands out in many ways, and one of the most impressive things is its untouched nature, colorful flora and fauna, and clean rivers and lakes. Pester is rich in peat and coal.

The Pester plateau is also associated with a legend that there was a lake there and that Saint George killed a dragon in it.