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City tour

Novi Pazar and surroundings – tours

We start our tour of the city from Sebilj (a Turkish style fountain), which is a gift from the city of
Sarajevo to the city of Novi Pazar..

There is also a Square of Isa – bey Isakovic who, apart from his military abilities, was known as a great benefactor and endower.

City fortress

We approach the City Fortress, a fortification with three corner tabia bastions where we can see the Watchtower, which was once used for observation. The tower with the fortress is integrated in the current emblem of the city of Novi Pazar.

Not far away from it is the Dositej Obradovic Library, where the Red Star cinema was once located.

We continue our tour to the Old Bazaar, a series of small craft shops, where the Stambol route, the road that led to Istanbul, via Kosovska Mitrovica and Skopje, once was passing through. Novi Pazar has always been a natural crossroads of routes from east to west and a meeting point of the cultures of Western and Eastern civilizations.


Altun-Alem mosque is a testimony thereof, built at the beginning of the 16th century, being one of the most beautiful and oldest mosques in this region, which is still in use today.

We reach the Isa – beys hammam (Turkish bath), which was built during the founding period of the city of Novi Pazar. It was built by Isa-bey Isakovic. The hammam was double, divided into female and male, and had eleven domes, only some of which have been preserved.

Nearby is Zlatno sokace (Golden Alley), a series of shops selling gold and silver jewellery.

Among the large number of significant buildings in our city, we present the House of Cavic, which was built in 1911 on the model of a similar house from Thessaloniki..


There is a possibility to visit the museum. The museum is of a complex type where you can see historical, archaeological, ethnological and applied art exhibits. Entry to the museum with entrance fee.

The tour can also include shopping at the Small Town Market (working hours every day until 4:00 p.m.), as well as at the Big Merchandise Market, which is open on Sundays.

Gastronomy tour, lunch or dinner as well as tasting of coffee cooked on live coals, malinada, djulsia (rose juice),boza, baklava, mantije, kebab can also be arranged in agreement with the guides and in combination with the City Tour.

Choose tourist tours with the help of tourist guides.

Monastery tour

Novi Pazar and surroundings – tours

St.Peter's Church

We will take you to the Church of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul ( St.Peter’s Church), the oldest church in the Balkans, from the 9th century, where important state assemblies were held and decisions were made. The church is a silent witness of the past. In this church, Stefan Nemanja, was coronated, here he passed the crown to his middle son Stefan Prvovencani, and turned monk withhis wife Ana.

St. George's Pillars

We continue our tour towards the St. George's Pillars monastery, one of the oldest monasteries, built in 1171. Monastery is an endowment of the great prefect Stefan Nemanja.

Old Town of Ras

After Djurdjevi Stupovi, we continue to the Old Town of Ras, the former capital of the medieval Serbian state of Raska. The complex includes the fortress, Isposnica cave and Trgoviste (market place). Vukan’s Gospel, one of the Serbian oldest written monuments, was written in the cave.

Cave church of Archangel Mihailo

A note for visitors and tourists that the length of the path to the Old Town of Ras is about 1 km from the town of Pazariste, an ascending step-way, of medium difficulty, with rest stops.

Sopocani Monaster

We will see the most beautiful frescoes of the Middle Ages in the Sopocani Monastery, the endowment of King Uros I, including the Assumption fresco was declared the most beautiful fresco of the Middle Ages at an exhibition in Paris in 1961.


The monastery, within the whole of Stari Ras with Sopocani has been listed in the World Cultural and Natural heritage of List UNESCO since 1979.

Choose tourist tours with the help of tourist guides.

Other tourist destinations

Novi Pazar and surroundings – tours

Old hammam

We can organize a visit to the Novi Pazar’s Spa, where you can bath in the Old Hammam, separate women’s and men’s schedules, entrance fee. The possibility of organizing lunch in one of the hotels or restaurants upon notice and agreement with the guide.

Medieval town of Jelec

Also, with prior notice, we organize a tour of the medieval town of Jelec on Rogozna mountain. In the Middle Ages mining was well-developed on this mountain, where coal was mined by famous Saxon miners. While hunting not far from Jelec, King Dragutin fell from his horse and broke his leg, then handed over the throne to his younger brother Milutin in 1282.

The distance from Novi Pazar is about 20 km, of which 4 to 5 km is hiking.

Crna Reka Monastery

We also offer a tour of Lake Gazivode and the Crna Reka Monastery, the distance from Novi Pazar is about 30 km. The lake was created artificially in 1977 by damming the Ibar River. Crna Reka Monastery is carved into the rock, named after the river. As the tale says,during one prayer, the monk was disturbed by the sound of the river, so he said: ”Stop talking, Black River.After that, the river began to sink next to the monastery, and then it would reappear downstream. There is no exact information about the time of construction of the monastery.

The Uvac gorge

The Pester plateau and the Uvac gorge, a tour of the Molitva and Ledeni vidikovac viewpoints. Thedistance from Novi Pazar is about 65 km, on the road towards Sjenica. The Uvac gorge is known forits griffon vulture habitat, suitable for the organization of the cruise meanders of Uvac, as well as atour of the Ice Cave.

Pester has been declared a special nature reservation, it is the highest plateauin the Balkans and one of the highest in Europe, with an average altitude of about 1150 m.

The village of Miscice

What we definitely recommend is a visit to Mount Golija, and on the way to the mountain you can see the village of Miscice, the birthplace of Rastko Nemanjic, Saint Sava, who, although of noble origin, became a monk very early and became the first Serbian educator and teacher.

Mountin of Golija

Golija Mountain is located on the territory of five municipalities. One can ski on Golija during the winter. There are gentle trails on this mountain, suitable for beginners and families with children, and in the summer it is suitable for hiking in the clean mountain air. It is 38 km from Novi Pazar.

Kopaonik, national park

Distance from Novi Pazar 56 km. This mountain is the most famous ski center in Serbia and beyond. The highest peak is Pancicev vrh, 2017 m. The mountain has a large number of accommodation facilities, as well as a developed network of ski trails, and offers a large number of other recreational facilities. The mountain is also suitable for vacation during the summer period.

Novi Pazar readily welcomes its guests, and those who have already been were able to experience the hospitality at every corner.

For any additional information, you can contact the Tourist Organization of Novi Pazar, as well as for visit scheduling.