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Shopping in Pazar

Tradition and customs, which contain love for jewelry and traditional providing jewelery as accessories for the fairer sex, influenced the existence of a large number of goldsmiths in Novi Pazar. There are a large number of sale points where every customer can enjoy and choose jewelry that will accentuate their personal character.

Novi Pazar has been the center of trade since its foundation. As its name suggests, our city is the center of commercial events where every visitor will find something to their taste. There are three markets in the city, with more than 1,100 boots. Market days in Novi Pazar are Tuesday and Sunday, but the Small Market is open every day, so you can go shopping no matter what day of the week you visit our city.


Zlatara "Opal"

ul. 7. Jul.
36300 Novi Pazar
tel: 020 316 291

Zlatara "Elmaz"

ul: 7. Jul 7
36300 Novi Pazar
tel: 063 604 389

Zlatara "Rubin"

ul: 7. Jul 62,
36300 Novi Pazar
tel: 020 311 269

Zlatara "Biser"

ul. 7. Jul,
36300 Novi Pazar

Zlatara "Smaragd"

ul. 7. Jul 11,
36300 Novi Pazar
tel: 020 31 31 88

Zlatara "Carat"

ul. 1. Maj,
36300 Novi Pazar
tel: 064 99 99 533

"Ves Silver"

ul. 7. Jul 9,
36300 Novi Pazar
tel: 065 478 80 66

"Srebro Biser"

ul. 7. Jul 15,
36300 Novi Pazar
tel: 063 614 879

"Smaragd Jewellery"

ul. 7. Jul 11,
36300 Novi Pazar
tel: 020 313 188

"Albino Watch Jewerlu"

ul. 7. Jul 1,
36300 Novi Pazar
tel: 065 500 10 31

Novi Pazar through the camera lens

How dear guests of our city see Novi Pazar and how they present it. 

Lepota različitosti 23:40

Šta treba obavezno videti u NOVOM PAZARU.


U Novom Pazaru živi samo JEDAN narod, DOBAR narod

Upoznaj Novi Pazar! 3:36

Promocija Novog Pazara na najlepši način, kroz lep film.