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Spas And Climatic Health Resorts Of Serbia


Novopazarska Banja was known even to the ancient Romans, and in the last century it was mentioned in balneological literature due to the remains of a Roman hot bath. It lies at 504 m above sea level, and is among the spas with a higher altitude. Its geographical position is favorable. Through Novi Pazar, it is well connected to Raska, Kosovska Mitrovica and Kraljevo.

Tradicionalno kupatilo


Hamam, poznat i kao turski hamam ili tursko kupatilo, je bliskoistočna varijanta parne kupke koja se može kategorizovati kao parni "rođak" saune. Iako su prvi hamami poticali iz Arabije i kultura kupatila bila centralni deo rimskog života, Turska je popularizovala tradiciju i najčešće je povezana s njim.

Captured By The Romans

The thermal mineral springs of Novopazar Banja were first captured by the Romans. In the Middle Ages, the spa belonged to the Djurdjevi Stupovi monastery and was part of the parish of Brvenik.

New Name Ilidza

During the time of the Turks, it was given the name Ilidza, but it was abandoned for some time. From 1611, there had been a record by the French travel writer Lefebvre, only about natural hot water springs, but not about spa facilities.

XVII century spa renovation

In the XVII century, the Turks started to pay more attention to it. On the remains of a Roman bath, the Turks built two baths and a little further on a caravanserai for the accommodation of visitors.

Built by Hafiz Ahmed Pasha


The inscription shows that the hamam in Novopazarska Banja was built in Hijri year 1002, i.e. 1593/1594.

Natural healing factor


For balneotherapy purposes, the water of Novopazarska Banja is used as an additional natural healing factor for the treatment of various types of rheumatism, sciatica, sports and other injuries, skin diseases, gynecological disorders, conditions after strokes, diabetes, etc.

It belongs to the Rogoznica group


The Rogoznica group of balneological centers belongs to Novopazarska Banja, which is located in the basin of the Raska River, a left tributary of the Ibar. It has been developed at an altitude of 500 m, 20 km west of the central part of Kopaonik and almost as much from the main ridge of the Rogozna mountain. It is 3 km from Novi Pazar, 21 km from Raska town, 65 km from Rozaje (MNE), 87 km from Kosovska Mitrovica and 100 km from Kraljevo.

Thermal spa


Rajčinovica spa is a thermal spa within the hydrogeothermal system of Novopazarska Banja. The spa consists of three hot springs. The water from the well in the pool has a temperature of 30 °C, from the first well 42 °C, and from the second at a depth of 40 m 38 °C. The combined use of these waters and natural cooling can achieve a suitable thermal state without artificial cooling, which increases the therapeutic value of these waters. The capacity of these wells during the winter season is higher, but the water mineralization is lower and decreases with increasing capacity. During the summer, the capacity is very low, and the mineralization is higher.
Rajčinovica spa is recommended for the treatment of diseases of the digestive organs, liver and biliary tract, kidneys and urinary tract, intestinal disorders, if they are secondary to certain liver and intestinal disorders, as well as metabolic disorders and sugar choristuric and axolomic diathesis.

Banjski turizam


Novopazarska Banja is recognizable by the Special Hospital, but it is increasingly developing into a spa tourist center, with wider offers for rest and recreation. The expansion of spa functions and the development of more types of tourism and the wider coverage of an area rich in natural and anthropogenic tourist values create a rich tourist offer of this type of rest and relaxation in the central part of Kopaonik and almost as much from the main ridge of Mount Rogozna. It is 3 km from Novi Pazar, 21 km from Raska, 65 km from Rozaje, 87 km from Kosovska Mitrovica and 100 km from Kraljevo.