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There are many sports clubs under the auspices of Novi Pazar with significant results achieved through various competitions from the lowest ranks to the Federal League.
Football Club “Novi Pazar”
Football Club “Jošanica”
Football Club “RAS”
Handball club “RAS”
Men’s volleyball club
Women’s volleyball club.
Men’s basketball Club “ OKK Novi Pazar“
Women’s basketball club “Novi Pazar“
Ski club ’’Golija“
Boxing club “Mladost“
Karate club “Novi Pazar“
Karate club “Šampion“
Karate club “Ras“
Karate club “Enpi“
Cycling Club “Novi Pazar“
Aikido Club “Valter“
Bodybuilding Club “Sandžak“
Athletic Club “Novi Pazar“
Fishing Club “Raška“
Tennis club „Novi Pazar“

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Chess Club “Novi Pazar“
Kickboxing Club “Novi Pazar“
Table tennis Club “Novi Pazar“
Rowing Club “Novi Pazar“
Paragliding Club “Novi Pazar“
Gymnastics Club “Novi Pazar
Judo Club “Novi Pazar“
Swimming Club “Novi Pazar“
Association for teachers of Physical Education
The Referees’ Association
Pigeon Association Novi Pazar
The Mounteering Club ’’Sandžak’’

The Mountaineering Club “Sandžak”



The Mountaineering Club “Sandžak” is founded in 1985 at the initiative of a group of enthusiastic students. The scouts of Novi Pazar had the vital role, especially Laki Škrijelj. It began with the hiking in the surrounding mountains and later it grew into serious hikes and activities across ex Yugoslavia. In the mid-80s the famous event and gathering of Serbian Mountaineering Association was organized at Golija Mountain. Another two famous mountaineers joined the club Safet Mavrić Ćako and Ramo Avdović who was elected president of the club. Through the nineties there were no many activities because of the War in ex Yugoslavia and because of the specificity of this sport. In 2001 the society was united into a modern and efficient sports association. With the new management and numerous memberships there are many successes in hiking and conquering the mountains – Kilimajaro, Aconcagua, Damavand, Maja Shnicut, Himalayas.
In October, 2005 a long-planned project of construction of mountain hut finally began. In 2006 the mountain hut at Mokra Gora was built and the Association got a basic prerequisite for the organization of the new contents, recruitment and training of a new, younger club members.