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Novi Pazar is rich with abundant cultural and historical heritage from the Neolithic and Iron Age periods, through the Roman and Byzantine Empires, the medieval Serbian state, and the Ottoman period, multicultural spirit and European charm.

Novi Pazar through the camera lens

How dear guests of our city see Novi Pazar and how they present it. 

Lepota različitosti 23:40

Šta treba obavezno videti u NOVOM PAZARU.


U Novom Pazaru živi samo JEDAN narod, DOBAR narod

Upoznaj Novi Pazar! 3:36

Promocija Novog Pazara na najlepši način, kroz lep film.

They said about Novi Pazar

"Half an hour away from Seher, there is a warm mineral spa (ilidza). It was built by Hafiz Ahmed Pasha."

Evlija Celebija (1611-1682)Travel writer

Novi Pazar is ideal for tourists who want to have, as they say, a package deal on their trip.

Jasmina RakocevicJournalist, RTS

Famous mantije, even better kebabs, and big-hearted people - Novi Pazar is a city you must visit!

Tourism and TravelInternet portal about travel

To see a lot of interesting things, to eat well, to have a good time, to shop, to enjoy the atmosphere of the city and socialize with the local population.

Jasmina RakocevicJournalist, RTS

Novi Pazar - a city museum under the open sky

Some of the most valuable resources of the city, such as cultural and historical heritage, significant events, festivals and far-famed gastronomy, make up the basic tourist offer.



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