Novi Pazar is surrounded by the peaks of Golija, Rogozna and Pešter. It is located in the valley bearing the same name whose geographical set of river valleys and canyons have natural advantages with its environment. An exceptional geographical position predetermined population to be engaged in trade as a primary occupation by which the city got its name. As per the Census 2011, a total population is 109.327 inhabitants. According to the unofficial data it counts over 120.000 inhabitants.

Novi Pazar is famous for trade and entrepreneurial spirit. It is remarkable for its natural resources and cultural values of international, national and regional importance. It is consisted of the most beautiful slopes of Mountain Golija – Nature Park and Medieval complex Stari Ras and Sopoćani under UNESCO protection.  Novi Pazar is unique multi-ethnic area where at certain point western and eastern civilizations intervene. It represents economic, cultural and educational center of Sandžak which has got natural connection with Kosovo and Montenegro on the south.